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General info:

This is a minecraft ( Minecraft JAVA Edtion: version 1.12 ) roleplay game map with a medieval fantasy story and lots of exciting quests. You can play the map with up to 2 friends (It's always more fun to play with others :D ). Unlock epic regions with castles, breathtaking custom landscapes and cities! Solve exciting riddles in dungeons and all over the map! Fight against many enemies and bosses!

We are always adding new things and updating the map. So keep up to date :)

The team


For centuries humans (Cugon Kingdom) dwarfs (Nogein Kingdom) and magicians (Kingdom of Bunzur) are living together in peace. Your name is Déor Charlton and you have two brothers (The other players): Timothy and Aaron. Your father is Ekkbert and your mothers name is Carolina.
You are living in a little farm village and are really happy with your life until your father suddenly got ill! So ill, that he is now nearly dying......

More info:

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Everything on earth costs money except of our adventure map ;) We wanted to create a 100% free game experience for you! But that's not that free for us: We need to pay for this website and domain and other things :(

If you want to support us, you can donate some money. We promise, that we will use every money for this project and not for some luxury in the private life!

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Update log


  • Official map version: 1.32
  • Witch tree bug fixed
  • Dwarf castle cave side quest bug fixed and reward modified


  • Official map version: 1.31
  • Better performance, less laggs
  • Glitch in Dungeon Of Fear fixed: You could throw other items into the hole
  • Added horses!
  • Added path signs pointing to the desert palace
  • Added a new villager and dialog
  • There are still some teleport scrolls in the map. Please report if you find them. They need to be removed! They operate unreliably!


  • Official map version: 1.30
  • Bug fix: Spawn Radius set to 1
  • Glitch in witchs land (Diving up the tree without water equipment) fixed


  • Official map version: 1.29
  • Bugs in Firesword Dungeon fixed
  • Dialog of wizard in Dungeon Of Fear changed and scrolls put into the chests
  • Huge update is upcoming with new scrolls and side quest
  • Kroukur 2 upcoming!


  • Official map version: 1.28
  • Several sound glitches in the dwarf dungeon fixed. Dwarf dungeon boss fight stabalized


  • Official map version: 1.27
  • Bug fix: Kroukur last boss fight monsters were not spawning. Fixed now thanks to a report of a player!


  • Official map version: 1.26
  • Added checkpoints


  • Official map version: 1.25
  • Bug fix: Low View distance monsters doesn't spawn in the Dungeon Of Fear
  • Next update: Save Points upcoming!


  • Official map version: 1.24
  • Bug fixes
  • Removed religious content
  • Improved lobby and beginning of the map (More user friendly)
  • Updated some books


  • Official map version: 1.23
  • Bug Fix: Teleport spell removed (Had some issues)


  • Official map version: 1.22
  • First spawn point bug fixed
  • Missing buttons bug fix


  • Official map version: 1.21
  • Bugs fixed
  • Loosing less gold after death
  • Less monsters in the Dungeon Of Fear
  • Some more gameplay changes
  • Kroukur walking bug fix
  • Some quest books had gray letters. Not anymore: now dark gray


  • Official map version: 1.20
  • First complete BETA release
  • Minecraft Version 1.12
  • Story finished
  • Command block remake (Less redstone, less space, more speed, functions)
  • Custom magic spells
  • Custom ressourcepack with textures and models
  • More dungeons and boss fights
  • Custom sounds and music everywhere


  • Official map version: 1.11
  • Bug fixed


  • Official map version: 1.10
  • Much more story
  • One more dungeon, many side quests and new characters.
  • Find hundrets of hidden chests
  • Gameplay: 2 hour


  • Official map version: 1.00
  • Basic story with a first dungeon.
  • Gameplay: 1 hour


Step 1: Install Optifine (Not required)

  • Download Optifine

  • Run the downloaded Optifine installer with Java and press "Install". Do not have Java? Install it here! Now optifine should be well installed.

    Need help with that? Feel free to contact us on Discord.

  • Optifine is not required but can reduce laggs and improves the appearence of the ressource pack and map! Optifine installation is reccomended!

OK, done


Step 2: Installing Kroukur ressource pack

  • Download Kroukur-Pack
    This download link is not working? Click here!

  • Extract the Kroukur-Pack ressource pack .zip file by right clicking it and pressing "Extract All":

  • Move the extracted folder right into your ressource pack foulder:
    Open Minecraft > Options > Ressource Packs > Open Ressource Pack Folder

  • Now the ressource pack should be visible in your Minecraft ingame ressource pack options. Activate it by pressing the arrow icon on the Ressource pack logo. Only activate this ressource pack! All blocks are textured, don't worry :)
    Need help? Feel free to contact us on Discord.

OK, done


Step 3: Installing the Kroukur map

  • Download Map 1.12 Minecraft JAVA Edition
    This download link is not working? Click here!

  • User Minecraft JAVA Edtion: version 1.12

  • Extract the map .zip file!

  • Move the Folder into your Minecraft saves folder: Search in your windows search bar for "%appdata%" and press Enter. Then navigate to
    Move the foulder right in there!

  • Now start Minecraft. The map should now be visible in your singleplayer world list.
    Need help? Feel free to contact us on Discord.

OK, done


Last Step: Important stuff!

  • Average-good pc required!

  • Minimum ingame view distance: 10! Activate in the options.

  • If you play on a server or realm:
    • Use Vanilla server,
    • Turn on Monster and Villager spawn in properties,
    • If you do not spawn in a black room at the beginning your server world spawn/spawnpoint is different
  • Get the latest map update news on our Discord Server!

  • A hint before starting the map: You should read the dialogs and books carefully! They contain important information to solve quests!

    And do not rush through the map. You can only beat it if you find rare and powerful stuff from hidden chests and side quests and by buying from the shops with gold! You need to take some time ;)

  • Have great fun!

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The team

Main Map building:

  1. BuildingBrute
  2. Heronite

Dungeons and riddles:

  1. BuildingBrute
  2. Drumples
  3. Heronite
  4. Firesword1978

Building-server owner:

  1. JustDriessen

Command block

  1. BuildingBrute
  2. 0SirAwesome
  3. Firesword1978
  4. CodingWarrior

Ressource pack:

  1. Persistance
  2. RPGDesigner
  3. Tran
  4. BuildingBrute
  5. 0SirAwesome

Team leader:

  1. BuildingBrute

Want to join the team?

Join the discord server and contact us:

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